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Moscow Engineering Physics Institute National Research Nuclear University
Department for Theoretical Nuclear Physics
The Department for Theoretical Nuclear Physics is a part of the Faculty for Experimental and Theoretical Physics at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute National Research Nuclear University.At the present, the department consists of over fifty full and associated members, including 5 members of the Russian Academy of Science, 35 full and 22 associated professors. The department fulfills a threefold mission:
  • We conduct lectures and exercises on theoretical physics for all the students of the University who study theoretical courses.
  • We graduate bachelors and masters. The bachelor four-year program Applied mathematics and physics offers a broad variety of courses with the focus on theoretical physics and mathematical and computation methods in physics. Within the same program there are three two-year sub-programs for masters: Problems of theoretical physics, Theoretical problems in physics of elementary particles and Mathematical physics and modeling. For these master programs we accept those bachelors (graduated from the department or any other university) who pass an entering exam.
  • Our staff conducts research in several fields of modern theoretical and experimental physics, including physics of superstrongelectromagnetic and gravitational fields, laser plasma, physics of atomic nuclei and nucleus matter, atom optics and cold atoms, electron and photon transport in solid media, nuclear damage of materials, physics of lasers and more.