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07.12.2016 16:22

International School for PhD students and young scientists “Visions in Fundamental Physics” dedicated to the memory of Nikolay Borisovich Narozhny will be held MEPhI on December 12-16, 2016.
This annual school is organized within the joint Russian-French PhD program and aims on attracting young researches, PhD and master students from Russian and French universities and research centers as well as from other countries for lectures of leading world experts in different fields of fundamental physics including astrophysics and cosmology, elementary particle physics, physics of superstrong gravitational and electromagnetic fields, solid state physics, plasma physics and other fields.
The focus of the current session is made on the three fields of fundamental physics:
- Extreme Light Science;
- Gravitation, Cosmology and Fundamental Interactions;
- Elementary Particles and Nuclear Physics at Modern Accelerators.
More information including the School timetable and the list of lecturers is available at .

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