International School for young scientists «Visions in Fundamental Physics»
Dedicated to the memory of Nikolay Narozhny

Program Committee

Pascal Chardonnet, University of Savoy, France
Valery Chechetkin, Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics, Russia
Mikhail Danilov, Lebedev Physics Institute, MEPhI, Russia
Sergei Popruzhenko, MEPhI, Russia

Organizing Committee

Oleg Nagornov, MEPhI First Vice-Rector

Deputy Chair:
Sergey Popruzhenko, MEPhI

Scientific Secretary:
Yana Lyakhova, MEPhI

Svetlana Genisaretskya, MEPhI
Georgy Kolomiytsev, MEPhI
Pavel Savchenkov, MEPhI
Vasily Tulsky, MEPhI


Dear participants! In order to attend the School you are kindely asked to fill and submit the application form. The form can be downloaded by the link below and should be sent by E-mail to the School scientific secretary Yana Lyakhova (

Download the application form.

Please, complete your registration before Dec 5th.

For all questions, please, feel free to contact the scientific secretary by the same E-mail.


Tulsky 2016