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plots of analytical expressions ...

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Simple data polt: When you have several columns of data, type 'gnuplot', then 'plot 'yourdatafile' using n1:n2 with {lines/points/linespoint}', where n1 and n2 -- number of columns x and y to plot, and you may choose any of lines/points/linespoint after "with".

set multiplot { layout <rows>,<cols> {rowsfirst|columnsfirst} {downwards|upwards} {title <page title>} {scale <xscale>{,<yscale>}} {offset <xoff>{,<yoff>}} } unset multiplot

set multiplot set size 0.4,0.4 set origin 0.1,0.1 plot sin(x) set size 0.2,0.2 set origin 0.5,0.5 plot cos(x) unset multiplot

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